Saturday, February 18, 2006


Arriving in Panama City

Well, I arrived in Panama City. This was a little more than I expected, but what a pleasant surprise! They have a supermarket with things that are easy to recognize, and now for the best part, two girls were handing out Bacardi and Cola samples! Or was it Rum and Pineapple? I could not believe that this would happen in a supermarket, so I went back another night just to see if I was dreaming. Nope, there they were again! "Heaven..."

I went down in the old part of town today, parked near the French
embassy and walked around for a while. I am impressed with the condition of some of the buildings, but some are not so good. I loved the area.

I also went to the Miraflores Locks the day before. It is fun to watch a container ship pass the locks. Now I'm just waiting to hear from a shipping company to see when I can send the car over to Colombia.

Monday, February 13, 2006



Panama has an amazing countryside. Here it goes from cool mountains with pines to tropical jungle to flat grassland and perfect beaches. You can see all of this in a two hour drive. Most other places I have been, it takes more time and miles, with elevation changes. For now I am staying at a beach north of Panama City. Here I can camp on the beach for cheap while the cabins next door cost a few dollars more.

I go by just to listen to the salsa music and have a few beers.

It looks more like the south Pacfic. I'd love to stay, but I must keep moving.

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