Thursday, April 20, 2006


Car Trouble in Tucume

Well, it has finally happened. The car has not stopped, but slowed a little. It started with a noise in the front-end for a day or two. It's a bad bearing. After looking at it I thought it was gone, but it came back very quickly! On another look I found the problem, but could not get the part in Ecudor. In Peru there are Nissan dealers, so I removed the axle and drove on without it till I got to Peru the next day.

In Peru I go to the dealer and am able to buy the bearing for $16 U.S. I go back to fit the part only to start to think it will not fit! The problem is the shell of the old bearing is so tight and worn it does not look like a bearing anymore. After some thinking I got it out
so it looks like this, so with the new one in place I will see how the
next few days go.

While waiting for my part I took the opportunity to see the sights. I
planned to see Chiclayo of Sipan, Ferrenafe and Tucume on my way out of town. Most of these sitese date from pre-Inca times, but were taken by the Inca then later by the Spanish. It is very impressive that the adobe brick construction is still visible today in clear shapes and even terrace layers and ramps used to access the
tall platos of the tops of pyramids. More so are the artifacts that have been saved from grave robbers and found on digs. It seems that a lot of things found are from
the pre Inca times or have been in the ground for 1500 years or more.

Anyway, on I go.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Burger King in Peru

I have finally made it to Peru! Now I am some few hundred Ks south now at Chiclayo on the coast. Just after I crossed the border the road changed and the cost of fuel changed!!! From one dollar a gallon to $3 give or take. Just lucky I filled the main
tank and the second and the 6 gallon can as well, so this gives me
some 500 miles of driving.

Getting back to the difference between the first 3 South American countries, Colombia and Ecuador there was not much difference but coming into Peru the road conditions changed. More poor people living in villages with no paved roads, more donkeys and most of all a new beer, "Cristal."

I did not eat at Burger King.

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