Saturday, July 22, 2006


Heading North

Heading North now, no more South. It felt good to cross the mountain pass, as there was a lot of ice on the road. Flat road ahead and lots of it but there are some very good distractions to be had! Bosques Petrificases or Petrified Pines from about 100 million years ago. I was amazed how big they were and how much detail the tree/rock retains from the growth rings.


The area in the national park looks more like a forest that has
been cut down but not taken to the mill.

The part that really got me was the size and quantity. Some
of the tree trunks are about fifty meters long and the width is
almost as tall as me!

What I found quite a surprise was what they had in the small

They even have pine cones and small branches.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


He made it!!

Hi, this is your editor speaking--Glenn recently emailed me that he made it to Tierra del Fuego:

"HI--well, you are the first to know, I finally got here! But I have only one question to ask. Is it uphill all the way from here or downhill ????"

Details to follow when he gets a better Internet connection!

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