Sunday, January 22, 2006


Nicaragua inland island

I made it to Nicaragua, and all is going well. I found a guy in Managua who got my AC in the truck working again. A nice change. I am now in Granada for a few days and it is quite a change from the hustle and bustle of Managua. There's also a total lack of street signs. In the 3 days I've been here I think I saw one. One thing I do notice here is that it's very humid

There is an active Volcano a few miles away from Granada, just off the main highway. I made the turn and a mile later I was there. I was lucky
that the wind was blowing away from me while I was there, so I was able to miss the sulfur smell. The fun part is you get to park right on the edge of the volcano!

The Island of Ometempe is two cone-shaped Volcanos in a fresh water lake. One is active, and on a clear day you may see some smoke. It it is quite tropical and somewhat hard to get onto, as one of the boats that run to the island has been broken for some time. I needed to make a booking five days in advance and wait at the port office for some hours, but was lucky to get there. One cool thing, there are Monkeys here. I am told that there three types but I have only seen one ( too faraway to get a digital pic). I have heard the second type, though.

They call it a "Howler." While here I was able to get around the half of the island and get into a waterfall. It took two hours to hike in from the road but was worth all the effort! Some guy here has set up his own hydrelectric station with pipe from the base of the waterfall and makes 24000 volt and 75kva

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