Thursday, December 15, 2005


Bars Boats Mexico

As some travel storys start there I was sitting in a bar (by the beach)
and the talk around the table turned the sail boats and the next thing
I said was yes to a 3 day trip up the cost on a Sail boat from San Blas
to Mazatlan , after a quick tour of the boat in the morning all was set
the next morning we would leave , the boat was a Cal 36 just needed
a few supplys , in the morning all was set and motered out of harbour
the wind pickup and set sail for island of Isibell , arrived in the early
evening and after haveing some truble setting the anker all was set
In the morning snorked in the quite bay where the boat was ankered
around noon some fisherman came by and we traded for fish in the
afternoon went ashore to check out the island and returned to BBQ
the fish in the evening , late the next morning set out for Mazatlan
and it was not long befor the wind pickup and set sail once again
during the day passed many turtel and a few dolfins , Mark comented
how good the local fisherman in there small boat were some time
later one came along side and asked directions to the island that
we passed some hours ago , had the sails up till around 8pm then
started the moter and motered through the night and arrived in the
morning , after the few day on the boat I was happy to be on land
though sad it was over that evening went to a restruant for a fun
meal with Marlin pate (incredible good) then in the morning took
the lonley bus back to San Blas arriving I went straight to the
San Blas social club I felt like a local returning after a long trip
hope some day to return

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