Friday, September 15, 2006



I would like to thank Donna & Moti for this experience. Without their invitation I would not have come here.

Laguna is just like most other towns that have a river estuary that faces out to sea. It has its fishing boats, surf beach, and is quite busy in summer, but one thing sets this town apart from others: The coperation between the dolphins and the fishermen.

The Dolphins work like cowboys and round up the fish for the fishermen on the edge of
the water, who cast nets after the Dolphins signal. (Some nets are quite
big, 3+ meters across, I was impressed with their skill with them. )

The first thing I was thinking was, "What does the Dolphin get from all this work?"
They spend quite some time doing this , but the system works like this:
The schools of fish moving up or downstream are pushed to the side of the channel, which has steep sides. When the Dolphin sees the fish, it signals the fisherman by a quick pass in front. When the net is cast the fish hear or see the net hit the water and try to return to deaper water at which point the Dolphin is waiting for the returning fish. Easy meal!
This system has now been going on for over 100 years.

In the town of Laguna there is also a fresh water spring that has very good water
and has been running for well over 200 years . I was told by the wife of the
town historian that if a single man drinks the water he will marry soon and stay
in the town. (Yes I drank the water, and nothing happened to me. Had to test the

(Editor to Glenn: Never say never...)

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