Tuesday, May 23, 2006


"The World's Most Dangerous Road"

This term is a little overrated, as the road through the Copper Canyon in Mexico has bigger drops off the edges and is steeper and rougher, but it lacks one thing: The volume of traffic and the amount of crashes!

I took the option of riding a bike back down the mountain rather than driving, and I got to beat up the rental bike on the trip!

After all, just because it is above 4000 meters and a little up hill and you've run out of pavement there is no reason to be in the van . . .

Did I say it gets a little narrow?

Just watch the first step; after that it gets easy.

The bottom: beer o'clock.

It took most of the day, and after we reached the bottom it was time for a quick beer. Then off to a Hotel/Restaurant for a shower and lunch. Then the drive up the 3000 meters and 130 Ks back to La Paz at 7 pm. I was really just happy that some other person was driving!


La Paz Overlook

This is an overview of La Paz, the capitol of Bolivia.

I try hard not to drive into big cities on a weekday but this time I had a change of mind, and as I expected, it was a little difficult. I got here with a little direction from the police and crossing at the southern end of lake Titicaca, I found a hotel and parking (off the street).

Sunday comes and it's off to "The Most Dangerous Road. . . "


Working Conditions in Bolivia

Well guys, I was doing my office work the other day and was thinking that I should share my working conditions here in Bolivia. Cheers!

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