Monday, September 25, 2006



I did not feel that Rio needed much introduction. Just a pic.

Last night it was football at Maracana stadium. It is said to be the biggest in
South America, but the real reason I came here is the fans and their passion
for the game. Even though it was a midweek game, and I think that the crowd
number was down (it was aless important game), their passion still goes on. The drum beats 15 minutes before the players come on and keeps the fans in time
with their songs and chants. All goes crazy with a goal!
(It all seems a little like a musical performance, with the drummer keesing the
band in time )
He keeps playing until the game is over. Who directs all of this, I just do not know, but if the crowd becomes a little quiet one of the players stops and looks at the fans and motions them into excitement.

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