Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Copper Canyon

Hi well arrived in Mazaplan today after driving through the Copper Canyon
and some very rough moutain logging tracks but worth the effort some
realy good views the road starts in a small town of Creal near Chichuachua
after getting some information and some gps points off I go the road quickly
changes form pavement to rocks and dirt but the views also change as well
passing lakes that would not even thing were possible here

as the day progress the road gets narrower and rougher and the turns get
tighter and some very great views along the way , only made one wrong
turn (well no failed to make a turn) the road was blocked for road works
and needed to duble back , spent the night in a small village and set out
in the morning

there was some amazing ways that the Mexicans make roads here
just a box of expolosives and a tractor even there bridge construction
here takes on new ideasr there was a grupe of worker camp out and
by day sive sand and gravel from the creak and mix cement and use
large river rocks to make a bridge across a creak but if needed will
make a tunnel

I pass the village of Masa Altura here is the turn to one of the best views on
road , here the trail got very rough and very steap and in two and a half hours
drop some 1900 meters to the valley floor

driving up from the village hard but to my supprise coming down the valley
was big 4WD yellow school bus it was quite a squise to get passed each
other I had to move so close to the edge I need the bus driver to direct me
even then it was just a centermeter or two clearance between me and the
rocks of the clif for the bus . The next day the road started out the same
but as the day progressed it slowly became wide and flater befor joining
a mining road that was more like a freeway it was pleasent change in the
afternoon finaly join the pavement and Los Moches
and head south crossing the tropic line

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