Saturday, December 16, 2006



One of the last big Mayan sites , I was told that it was the garden of Eden.
the site is smaller than I expected but one that is different from others ,well
all are different to each other and this show how diverse the culture was

set in a rain forest makes for an interesting site and a tough fight with forest
built in a hilly situation rather than the flat land of other sites makes it different

like all the sites here in Mexico you can not climb the Temples or access them
via other ways ,(this is to protect them )

Sunday, December 10, 2006



Once again a great Mayan site here in Mexico , but
I think this one is better than other here in Mexico and
quite and yes it too has the 52 year building plan

now with a little immigration if you look at the first level you will see an entrance
this was the earlier height , it was then added to and a new temple was added
and a outside layer it is also interesting that this temple dose not have the
nine layers that is usually seen in the Mayan world

What is missing is the roof come common to all Mayan temples

what is also uncommon hear as well is the square plaza with buildings on each
side and it is common at this site
one question that I all ways wondered was how did they work out what the
city looked like , the answer is simple there was city planers in this world
and they made models of the cities to work with and were placed in graves

The size of this site is just amazing and makes Chichen look small

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