Saturday, July 01, 2006


Cueva los Manos rt 40

Ruta 40 driving south after crossing from Chile after crossing
some areas of desert and passing many small towns
I get down Las Lenas and a day of skiing , the snow was ok
just do not like the rented equipment

then south to San Martin Los Andes , rain the days before
I arrived has washed the snow away raised the rivers and
closed the rout of 7 lakes (scenic way) I make my way to
Bariloche receive some more info on RT40 and skiing (no
Head south again to Esquel still the ski season is bad,
but Tierra del fuego is getting closer and the miles are long
though a trip out to the lake here was a good day out

I continued down RT40 and spending the night at
Perito Moreno and getting a flat fixed
then south to Cueva de las Manos
to some rock painting that are said to date from
7000BC but what impressed me was the fact they
are exposed to sun light ,wind and rain though

did you notice that only the left hand is printed
I was also told that there is one hand with
six fingers but I could not find it

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