Thursday, August 03, 2006


Alta Gracia Casa de Che

I have a few days to spare here in Cordoba. Took a side trip to Alta Gracia and the Casa de Che.

This was the home of Che Guevara, after the family moved here from Buenos Aries, Che suffered from asthma, and doctors said the dryer air here would ease his suffering. From here Che started most of his journeys, including the motercycle diaries.

The house is set up as a museum, chronicles his life and gives
you a better insight to the man we all know as Che.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Balcarce Juan Fangio

Heading north. Progress is slow, and strong cross winds make for an interesting
situation. I came to Balcarce, the home town for Juan Fangio.

The museum displays exploits from his racing years and also his life story, from humble start as a machanic to being an F1 champ.

Included is Juan's 300Sl roadstar that was given to him by Mercedes for his birthday the year he won the world champinship for Mercedes,

All aspects from his life are covered, from the early years when Juan ran a car repair shop repairing cars by day and at night building racers to
run on the weekends,

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