Saturday, October 07, 2006


Radclif night beach

Out at the beach in the early evening, I was happy to see people
enjoying the beach into the later hours with the aid of lighting
provided by the city. Football was played with as much energy
as it was 10 am Sunday morning, joggers were out as if it were 7am,
families out for a stroll as if it were Sunday afternoon and there were
some people enjoying the water (sharks and all, or the sign says!)
The only thing was, the sun had long gone.

Thursday, October 05, 2006



Salvador was once a Colonial trading port. Now it's a Tourist and Industry town. Its older sections have been saved from redevelopment, including the Marcado
on the water front which was also where slaves from Africa were landed and
sold. Nowadays the Marcado has a brighter outlook ,selling Artisan work for

There is still a turn of the century elevator that was originally used to
transport people and goods up from the waterfront to the town above.

Much of the old town still retains its old world charm. There
is a sense of pride with the past that I have not seen before.

Yes, this lady was trying not to have me take her photo as she normally sells
this service, but I got one anyway.

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